You’re on fire tonight!
Socked your brains, all right.
In a blink of an eye – did you think you would find
What you came here for?
So collection takes time,
In an anarchist mind,
And I’m sure you’ll find you’ll

Thank you for –
You could separate the whims from the moves.
Thank you for –
You passed that one over.
Thank you for –
You were faster.

You are safe inside
From the lack of mind,
Mindless idle past-time seekers.
So you took yourself in, what a real good decision –
Long awaited for.
So now that you’re in, stay at it and you win
When it’s two times then you’ll

Thank you for –

Don’t you know?

Swarm by me now,
I could comb through anything.
All these new age strategies –
It’s okay.