I thought i read that this mic won’t pop,
and that it won’t make my S’s so hard ­
the sound’s essential, but it’s always off,
think im going away, i think i’m going away…

And we’re SO GOLD, let’s take a trip down
there’s so much waiting for us
somewhere – for sure
we can’t miss Lady Gaga’s concert at o2 World
that’d be bad, cause I’ve been preparing for her

So gold, so gold
but that’s me in my first world
so gold, so gold
my battery’s so low

ther’ far too many good plans for tonight,
and I’m just wondering for which to decide,
these first world issues are all that i got
would someone tell me the reason why it’s always like this
’cause our pillowed interpretations of a real big deal
it’s like „my iPhone cracked“, „my internet’s down
my neighbors won’t help me fix it
„you didn’t like it on Facebook – when did you last poke?“
got no time to be bored

My battery’s low ­ why does it matter?
This wine is corking slightly ­ why does it matter?