“VonLewald makes beautifully arranged pop music, presented in a raw-honey-coated voice. Check it out!“

Paul Frick (Brandt Brauer Frick /K7!)

“The compelling warmth of these bitter sweet songs slips seamlessly beneath the skin with the subtlety of a thin blade. The song closes as does the wound, and you are transported back home. Only the goosebumps remain.“

Joachim Dollhopf (Director of WAGs, I Don‘t Feel Like Dancing)

Vibrating basses and riveting vocals, scintillating electronic soundscapes and acoustic guitar riffs, reverberating beats & captivating melodies – multiple musical dimensions come together, creating VonLewald’s sound: electronica, bass music and singer-songwriter-painted pop songs.

VonLewald is singer, graphic designer and animator Nick, pianist and programmer John, and multi-instrumentalist Joseph.

On stage the three adventurers from Berlin create a space for dancing and letting go. With their cinematic, wide-screen sound, and fragmented video installations, vonLewald’s live shows become an audio-visual event.

Nicolas de Leval Jezierski – Vocals, Guitar, Visuals
Joseph Turner | John One – Keys, Electronics, Drums

Special thanks go out to: Nicolas Mendler, Nancy Lepisto, Bensch Günther, Tille, Formelwesen, Toby Glaser, Evi & Joachim, Johannes, Leila Bostic, Paul Frick, Michelle Jezierski, Elisabeth, Nella, Stefan, Ketan, Patrick Flynn, Geis, Janine Schmidt, Katrina James, Jasper, Alex Forge, Rosi, Jessi, and Micha for supporting vonLewald.